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Training Solutions

Our professional development courses for teachers of English as a second / foreign language address key issues for classroom practice. Teachers will development key competencies and skills to enhance learning outcomes and maximize student engagement. Our courses have been designed to benefit novice and experienced teachers alike. 

Our professional development courses for language program administrators and coordinators address key issues in managing teachers, developing curricula, and ensuring program quality overall. Our courses have been designed to benefit novice and experienced administrators / coordinators alike.

Consulting  Solutions

Our consulting services assist schools, universities, and other educational institutions with their second language program needs. We help your organization determine where you are, where you should be, and how you can get there. We can also advise you on professional development and training for your teachers, as well as evaluate faculty for comprehensive reporting and students on their language proficiency.


Our consulting services assist teachers in obtaining a credential that validates their instructional expertise in one or more fundamental areas. Our approach will have you do a practicum and profile a professional portfolio for assessment and evaluation. Upon successful completion of the task and project work you will receive a certificate and corresponding report that you can present to any institution, domestic or international. 

Our consulting services assist educational institutions with their ESL/EFL accreditation efforts. We have extensive experience in both CEA and EAQUALS accreditation.  

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