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LPA - Coordinator Essentials
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This program is aimed at those teachers and current language program administrators (LPAs) / coordinators who would like to develop the knowledge and skills they need to run a language program and work with teachers successfully. This program covers all of the major topics and issues that LPAs / coordinators face day-to-day. By the end of each course, not only will you feel confident about assuming the challenge of working as an LPA / coordinator, you'll also be prepared for any job interview that offers the position. 

Language Program Accreditation: Getting Started

This course is aimed at language program coordinators, directors, and other institutional authorities that are thinking about pursuing an international accreditation from a world-renowned accrediting agency. It answers the fundamental questions that arise when contemplating such a possibility and recommends courses of action, step-by-step. By the end of the course, you will know if you are ready for such an endeavor and you will know what to do next if you are. 

FCE: Preparing for the Speaking and Writing Sections

This course is aimed at anyone who plans to take Cambridge English's First Certificate in English (FCE) examination. It focuses on the strategies and insights that are needed to maximize the possibility of performing successfully for the speaking and writing sections. With a vast collection of insights and recommendations on how to deal with both sections of the test, you will have the knowledge and skills you need to feel confident about your chances. 

Other offerings on the way

We are a rapidly growing company that specializes in creating courses that today's language teaching professionals, language program administrators, and ESL/EFL students need. In 2019, we will be offering courses related to topics such as technology for the classroom, teacher evaluation and observation, and evaluation and assessment of language. 

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