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Caprica Education

We are a 21st century e-learning company that specializes in virtual learning, training, and assessment solutions for language teaching professionals.

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Our Servuces

Showcase:   Global Teaching Certificate Program

This course program prepares you to teach English or another other second language successfully anywhere in the world. It is an innovative approach to professional development that focuses on the issues that are among the most important in the field. Theory and practice come together for a truly unique and highly engaging learning experience that will help you become an expert in the classroom.

Showcase:  Essentials for Coordinators & Directors

The Coordinator Essentials course program for ESL/EFL professionals is designed for anyone who wishes to become a language program administrator (LPA), such as an academic coordinator or director.  This program has been created to cover all of the fundamental topics and issues that are vital to the work coordinators and directors do each and every day. Based on vast amounts of international experience, real-life case studies, and extensive research, there is nothing else like it out there. Whether you would like to become an LPA or are one already, this program will help you succeed as a top-notch coordinator or director. 

Learning Solutions

We provide educational professionals with unique and innovative e-learning solutions that will greatly enhance their knowledge and skills when teaching, coordinating, or directing. 

Consulting Solutions

We provide consulting services to educational institutions regarding their needs for staff training and evaluation. We also advise on international accreditation processes.

Corporate Solutions

We provide small companies and large corporations with tailor-made e-learning solutions for their professional development and training needs.

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Doing this training has widened my view and knowledge. One aspect I liked most is that all of the tips given are directly practicable in real contexts. Our workers feel happier thanks to Caprica Ed. Bravo!!!

Nomina Rabemila, Owner, Language Center, Madagascar

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